Choose the Labs based on your SD-WAN needs

Essential Labs

Essential labs will help in bringing up the SD-WAN solution. After completing the labs, you will be able to bring up controllers, WAN Edges using templates, establish overlay connectivity between sites, Provide end-to-end segmentation and simplify the WAN topology using Hub and Spoke policy.Essential Labs include Cisco SD-WAN overlay brinup lab,template lab,VRRP lab,OMP lab,VPN segmentation lab, Hub & Spoke,Mesh lab.

advanced labs

Advanced Labs

Advanced labs help you to build SD-WAN use cases based on the business requirement. This includes Application Aware Routing, Direct Internet Access, Service Chaining, Extranet VPNs, QoS etc…

Security Labs

With Cisco SD-WAN, businesses don’t need a separate security stack at each branch or backhaul to DC for security. Cisco SD-WAN comes up with built in Next-generation security features. After completing the labs, you will be able to secure the branch by configuring the security policies and monitor the utilization and applications being used in the network.

security labs