SD-WAN approach of different vendors
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In the world of internet and business connectivity today, there is bound to be different vendors that offer the software-defined wide area network(SD-WAN). And where there are different vendors, there would also be different approaches to the way they set-up and deploy their services. We would be looking at some of the big players in the industry and have an insight into how they configure and rune their different versions of SD-WAN.


In the case of VeloCloud (Acquired by VMware), they take on software to define wide-area networking with the sole purpose of simplifying the way enterprises configure their different outlets with the WAN putting cost-effectiveness at the fore-front.

Their version of SD-WAN was built as a transport-dependent service that is easy to manage. The VeloCloud (VMware SD-WAN) service offers a cloud-based delivery system with an orchestration that has a malleable structure.

The SD-WAN service from VeloCloud (VMware SD-WAN) was built with the backing of virtual service delivery, a secure and optimizable cloud network, and superb virtual service delivery.

Source: Velocloud
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Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela)

Similar to Velocloud, Cisco Viptela’s SD-WAN approach is just slightly different. With the same aim of simplifying the whole wide area network connectivity, Viptela goes forward to focus on their secure extensible network which tackles the whole build of the framework using 5 steps. Business logic centered, network segmentation, Security & routing, layered services, and transport independence.

It combines Viptela’s cloud-first network management and orchestration with Cisco’s routing platforms to create a wholesome enterprise-driven package.

Source: Cisco

This is another major player when it comes to a software defined wide area network. Versa networks provide SD-WAN in a cloud-powered, software-defined and an always-on innovation in the enterprise networking system.

Recognized as the SD-WAN company of the year in 2018, they have continued to push to the fore-front their SD-WAN to cloud ideology. With their versa titan- a cloud-managed SD-WAN solution that simplifies the complex aspects of WAN transformations, they have managed to scale the hurdles associated with orchestration.

They focus on service injection and scaling deployment model using BGP for configuration.


Silver peaks SD-WAN product is the Unity edge that was released to terminate the use of WAN circuits. It fuses policy controller and capability into the SD-WAN ensemble which optimizes the SD-WAN platform with a step-up called unity boost.

This offers enterprise fast and reliable WAN.

Source: Silver-peaks

This SD-WAN is rather focused on scaling traffic flows between a locally based connection and cloud-hosted applications. Formerly Cloudbridge, netscaler follows each packet to monitor every link performance hence knowing when to move the traffic flow to a different link when the performance on a particular link wanes. The WAN optimization includes data compression, TCP termination and caching. It binds multiple connections into a single virtual link hence making everything faster on the network.

There’s is a standby controller to manage networks, set policies and update the software.

Source: Citrix

This vendor has a different approach in that it incorporates forwarders, policy controllers and a traffic analytics engine into its build-up. This (forwarders) replaces the traditional WAN routers which then assists in application and sub-application identification which ultimately helps mapping application flows to particular WAN links for transport.

Their goal is Instant-ON (ION).

Source: Cloudgenix
Ease is the goal.

Every vendor has a distinct mode of approach that their SD-WAN adopts to help enterprises achieve their goal. The enterprise just has to decide what it’s driving at.

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