Cisco Umbrella

CISCO Umbrella Labs ToC-Powered by Cisco Talos, one of the world’s largest commercial threat teams, Umbrella blocks malicious activity earlier, before it reaches your network or endpoints. Umbrella also uses statistical and machine learning models to uncover new attacks staged on the internet.

Accessing Lab Devices

Getting your pod devices ready for Umbrella lab

Creating AD users for testing with Umbrella

Deploying Umbrella

Configuring Policy Components

Configuring DNS Policy

Cisco Umbrella Web Policy, File Analysis and HTTPS inspection

Cisco Umbrella SIG Network Tunnel

Deploying Umbrella Virtual Appliances

Verification of VA Status in Umbrella

Active Directory Integration with VAs

Verification of AD integration with VAs and configuring policy based on AD user

Making the PC ready for Umbrella Roaming Client

Installing Cisco Umbrella Roaming Client

Configuring the Policy for Umbrella Roaming Computer and verification

Umbrella Roaming computer activity verification

Cisco Anyconnect Umbrella Roaming Module bringup

Modify Roaming Computer Policy and Verification

Umbrella Investigate

Secure-X Integration with Umbrella (Reference)

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