Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Live Online training


Gain in-depth knowledge of Cisco SD-WAN technology with our comprehensive training program. Learn how to design, deploy, and manage software-defined wide area networks, optimizing network performance, reducing costs, and enhancing security. Get hands-on experience with industry-leading tools and gain the skills needed to implement and troubleshoot SD-WAN solutions. Enroll in our Cisco SD-WAN training today and become a certified expert in this transformative networking technology.

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Cisco SD-WAN Live online training covers the below topics:

Module 1: Introduction to SD-WAN

  • Introduction to software-defined networking (SDN)
  • Overview of SD-WAN concepts, benefits, and use cases
  • Evolution of WAN technologies and the need for SD-WAN

Module 2: Cisco SD-WAN Architecture

  • Cisco SD-WAN components and their functions
  • Control plane, data plane, and management plane overview
  • Understanding the role of vManage, vBond Orchestrator, vSmart Controller and WAN Edge

Module 3: SD-WAN Fabric Deployment

  • Planning and considerations for SD-WAN deployment
  • Deployment models: hub-and-spoke, full-mesh, hybrid
  • Hardware, software, and connectivity requirements

Module 4: Configuration and Management

  • Introduction to vManage and its features
  • Device templates and feature templates
  • Overlay Management protocol

Module 5: Routing and Traffic Control

  • Policy Architecture
  • Control and Data policies
  • Traffic steering and load balancing techniques
  • Quality of Service (QoS) configuration and optimization

Module 6: Security in SD-WAN

  • Security features and capabilities in Cisco SD-WAN
  • Threat protection and security policy configuration

Module 7: Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • Monitoring the SD-WAN fabric using vManage and monitoring tools
  • Troubleshooting common issues in SD-WAN deployments
  • Diagnosing connectivity, performance, and security problems

Module 8: Integration and Migration

  • Integration with existing network infrastructure (e.g., MPLS, legacy routers)
  • Migration strategies from traditional WAN to SD-WAN
  • Best practices for seamless integration and coexistence

Lab outline:

  • Overlay Bringup lab
  • Templates lab
  • VRRP lab
  • OMP lab
  • VPN Segmentation lab
  • Hub and Spoke lab
  • Direct Internet Access (DIA) lab
  • Application Aware Routing (AAR) lab
  • Service Chaining lab
  • Extranet VPN (Route leaking between VPNs) lab
  • TLOC Extension lab
  • Application Firewall lab

Upcoming batches:

Weekday batch:

One Week (Monday to Friday) : 29 Jan-2nd Feb 2024

    Time: 5PM to 9PM IST.

    Mode: Live Online

Send an email to for your batch selection after purchasing the course.



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